Anxiety is more contagious than the virus

I want to talk to you about the Corona virus outbreak that has been influencing the whole world recently.
I know many of you are more or less concerned about this.
I wonder where I touched, is it smeared to me or smeared to my loved one, are we hungry for days, will i lose my job?

These concerns can make you nervous and irritable. It can disrupt your communication and relationship with people. It can make you lonely and alienate you. It can cause guilt, anger, and skepticism. So it spoils your quality of life. It may cause you to spend your day unhappy and in trouble. It is not difficult for all of us to predict that this stress can affect your immune system very negatively. The virus, which could not reach our lungs, is trying to infect our brain.

We will not let this to happen.

Yes, there is a real problem, we have to accept this. We shouldn’t deceive ourselves that everything is fine. We must face our problem. Because what we hate most is uncertainty. People are dying, the health systems of countries are inadequate and helpless. Our life is getting messy.

This disease is not a simple flu virus, it is more than it, but it is not a dangerous virus that can break humanity. Human beings have always tended to overestimate a danger they are not familiar with. An average of 600,000 people dies every year from the simple flu virus. So far, the number in the whole world is 35 thousand. More than ninety-five percent of those infected with the virus can survive the disease with very mild symptoms.

So should we underestimate and ignore the situation? Of course NO. We have to protect people who have weak resistance due to old age or other diseases and who are likely to experience the disease more severely, so we must protect ourselves. We should not all get sick at the same time. We should keep the number of patients as low as possible so that those who have severe illness among us may have the chance to benefit from the privileges of modern medicine and most of them would get cured.

My patients telling me; I’m in trouble, I’m bored, I’m overwhelmed. I can not do anything with worry, I get very nervous and then I get angry with myself. We want our troubles to pass immediately. Those of us who are afraid of darkness want him or someone to turn on the light for him as soon as possible and spend great energy not to stay in the dark. Those of us who are afraid of flight traveled a thousand kilometers by bus. Those who are affected by negative news try to stay away from watching news. Our people who are afraid of being criticized or disliked will avoid stepping up to the community. As is now. We want somebody to get the vaccine or treatment and finish this uncertainty and distress. Hopefully it will be found and hopefully one of us will find it, or at least a group of people who are not slaves to capitalism. That is another issue

Yet our cheeky brain got used to the death of our favorite. We have to face our troubles. We have to think about the reasons, the past, our avoidance behaviors. we have to give up our attitude that a just makes the day pass.

Even if we allow our brains with the worst trouble in the world, it is most likely that it copes even it never forgets but pain decreases.
We have to face our darkness, our fears, our weaknesses, our mistakes, our sins. If a fist comes to our face, we fall. Who do we think we are. But how we stand up shows whether we are weak or strong.

Humanity is not sincere. The number of people who died of starvation in a year is 7.5 million. The Chinese are still torturing one million Uyghur Turks in camps similar to the Hitler’s concentration camps. Civil Europe, which killed a million people not so many 20-25 years ago in Rwanda. We have no right to throw all responsibility to the west. Those who have been dying and killing for many years are always from our geography and most of them muslims. They continue to kill his brother and sister in the Gulf in Yemen. At least 150 thousand dead. Even in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, and even on our own borders, we are confronted with our own people on the enemy line.

Our humanity is being tested in such days. Let’s review where we come from, who we are, what we want to be. Are we going to be demonized because of our troubles. Are we going to be a slave to capitalism through our debts, our authority-position that we do not deserve, our dependence on our interests? Or will we highlight our sense of goodness, compassion and altruism in our culture and belief that constitutes our dough.

We may not be able to change the conditions we live in, but we can determine who and how we will be in these conditions. We have it in our dough and our ancestors succeeded many times. Let’s help each other, in the stubbornness of the capitalist world. We must share pain and sustenance. Let’s spend more time with our loved ones, look into their eyes and ask what they expect from us, it wouldn’t be bad if they ask us too J communicate more often.

If we have a lonely or elderly relative or a neighbor, let’s call and ask their sake. Let’s offer help as much as possible. We must not let our people die in their homes alone. For example if someone sneezes on the bus or outside, do not exclude him and swear at him. Maybe he is someone who has to bring bread to his house. Give a mask, give a napkin. If he has no one be someone in his life. If he is negligent, teach him with your mankind. Do not forget about the treacherous that sells five lira cologne for fifteen liras, and note it aside. Also do not forget many big-hearted people who run to help share their house, salary and energy. I am not forgetting what I have come across. I will remind you when it’s time.

I want to say a few words about my colleagues. Believe me, many doctors in our country became tired of life. I know many doctors who have difficulties getting along financially. Health workers have now taken over the homeland defense. We must applaud them sincerely and support them wholeheartedly. We must protect their health, safety and psychology so they will do their job and help us better.

The trouble that cannot kill us will bring us closer to each other and strengthen us. We can overcome such problems in solidarity. Please do not go out unless you have to, protect yourself and society. I promise to reply any questions if you have questions and topics you want to consult. If you request, I plan to make live connections in the process. May God be with you.

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